Does Genre Matter?

Midas Bison:

A worthy repost. I am curious what more people think on this issue!

Originally posted on WUD Music:

When you ask someone what kind of music they like, the most common response by a landslide seems to be “I listen to a little bit of everything.” This is, of course, seldom true–most people just give me blank stares when I ask them which Angolan Kizomba artists they would recommend–but it reflects an interesting development in music culture: genre is going out of style. The past few decades have seen an unprecedented mingling of genres. Punk rock mixed with ska and reggae, hip-hop blended with metal, and EDM found its way into everything. Eventually we gave up and started referring to everything as “alternative,” even after it had become the mainstream standard. It’s easy to see genre as an archaic concept that no longer has any use.

Today’s Topic: Does Genre Matter? Is There Any Point In Genre Labels?

My Answer: Yes–in theory.

No doubt, genre labeling is a messy issue. It…

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